Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 4 - 5: Motion Typography / Motion Graphics / Mid Term Film Festival

Project 4: Motion Typography/Motion Graphics
Create a motion graphics piece integrating typography.
Due Tuesday, October 25.

Week 5: Midterm Mayhem Student Film Fest!
Tuesday, October 25 is the Midterm Mayhem Student Film Fest! Be ready to show ALL of your work to date. Bonus: Cut it together to make a proper reel. October 25 is the hard deadline for all of your projects to date.

Non-representational/abstract animation is central to motion graphics or motion design, which combines traditional elements of static, 2D design such as form, shape, color, photography, and typography with animation and film/video. When we animate a letter, such as, 'R' in a motion graphics piece, we are not trying to mimic the natural movement of 'R's as seen in their native habitat. We are making abstract choices of movement based on our own impulses, whims, and desires. This aligns motion graphics very tightly to music composition which is simply manipulating changes in sound waves over time. Contemporary examples of motion graphics are inescapable. Help! Animated logos, movie titles, phone and gadget interfaces. It's dystopian nightmare, I tell you, but think about how amazingly cool you can make someone's drab life for five seconds...  Here's a link to some contemporary examples of "kinetic typography"...


Nice examples of motion typography and branding for the now crowd...


  • All of your type will need to be converted into a graphic symbol.
  • Once you've converted the type to a symbol you can leave it editable or you can break it apart. Once you do this, it is no longer editable. You can also break apart symbol instances. This un-links them from the master symbol. If you want to tween something that has been broken apart, make sure the broken pieces all reside in a master symbol container!
  • You can include any other shapes/drawings you'd like in your motion graphics designs.
  • Yes. Sound. Yes.

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