Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Project 4: Midterm Mayhem

Jamie Hewlett animatic for the Gorillaz video of Clint Eastwood.

Our final project will be to create a short animation for broadcast on Rogue Valley Community Television. For next week, rough out a short animation.
  • If you are working with character and story, take your character(s) and create a short animation with a complete action.
  • If you are working with motion design, create an abstract or type-based animation.
To create your piece, we'll be working with storyboards and their city-slicker cousin, the animatic. Storyboards break a story down into the key shots needed to tell a narrative. An animatic is basically storyboards put into a video sequence which may include a scratch audio track.

Oh, and here's some stuff on doing walk cycles...
Ye Olde Walk from Richard Williams' useful classic, The Animator's Survival Kit

Miles demo's the basics of creating a walk cycle:

Link to URL

And creating a scrolling background:

Link to URL

Alum Jill Bruhn does a bounce cycle...

Symbol-based dog animation from Jill AB on Vimeo.

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