Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Project 2: Short abstraction

Check out Oskar Fischinger... cut paper and string... yikes!

Okay, let's work with abstraction! We've started to play with narrative - beginning, middle, and end. Let's apply this same concept to abstraction. We don't have characters as such, but we have stuff changing over time, so heck, we've a veritable possum stew of possibility... definitely.

Your challenge is to create a 5 second animation with a beginning, middle and end using color and shape. Extra special credit-- include sound in your video. When working with sound in Flash, make sure it is set to STREAM - not event. Stream, yay. Event, boo. All due on Wednesday, January 20.

This is as much an exercise in design as animation. Let's get crazy and call it... motion design or motion graphics. Commercially, you see a lot of this kind of nonsense used in branding in the form of animated logos, interstitials, and the like. Think about how amazingly cool you can make someone's drab life for five seconds... 

Technically, you'll be working with symbols and tweens in Flash. Miles lays out these basic goodies in these here videos. Folksy. Important! Make sure you are using ActionScript 3.0 and set your symbol types to GRAPHIC.

Once you've gotten the hang of symbols, you're ready to do some tweens. "Tweens" stands for "in-betweens" as in you, the human, set the keyframes, while the computer interpolates (figures out) the changes between the keyframes for you. The tweens we're doing will require that the drawing to be tweened is first converted into a symbol. Behold.

And for that extra magic touch... nested and instanced tweens!

And here is a quick gif of some nested tweens... er, uh, dank?

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