Monday, November 27, 2017

Final Project

Okay, time to bring this thing in for a landing!
For your final presentation you'll be presenting:

  1. Your stand-alone final animated film with sound.
  2. A one-minute demo reel with sound. This can include pieces of your final project.
  3. A short write-up of what you've done this quarter for potential collaborators/employers. This is short and informal. You can use this on your blog/Vimeo page.
  4. BONUS: Submit your film to the Ashland Independent Film Festival Student LAUNCH program. It's free! Here are the details. Deadline is January 5. Also, submit your stuff to the spring SOU Student Film Festival!

For the final turn in:

  1. Your updated blog/Vimeo page including your write-up
  2. Your final project and animation reel files in the courses dropbox.
  3. A pdf of your short write-up. Include a still of your work and a bio picture.

Our final presentation is Monday, December 4 at 8 a.m. Yeeks!

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