Monday, September 25, 2017

Project 1: 100 Frames

100 Frames Due: Wednesday, October 4
  1. Make at least two 100-frame animations with audio. One should use only frame-by-frame animation, the second can use tweening. See specs below.
  2. Sign up to Vimeo or some kind of streaming service, and upload your work there.
  3. Create a blog and embed/link to your animation.
  4. Enter your BLOG URL on this spreadsheet today!
100 Frames Specs
  1. Create a new Animate file in ActionScript 3.0.
  2. Set your frame rate to 12 frames per second. Modify > Document... Frame rate. Adjust your stage size as desired.
  3. Export using File > Export > Export Video... as a .mov
  1. Wacom Tablet: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Wacom Tablet... tap tablet with your pen and choose Grip Pen. Go to the Mapping button and check Force Proportions.
  2. Function Keys: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard... check "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys."
  • F7: insert blank keyframe
  • F5: add frame
  • Shift + F5: remove frame
  • F6: insert keyframe

Here's an intro to the basics of the basics... in Flash Animate

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