Thursday, May 5, 2016

Final Project - It's Terminal!

Jamie Hewlett animatic for the Gorillaz video, Clint Eastwood.

Our final project will be to create a short animation for all the world to behold. This project should be your original content - your characters, sets, imagery, story, etc. All sound should be cleared as well. You'll have many opportunities to show your work. Think ahead to the Ashland Inedpendent Film Festival, SOU Student Film Festival, EMCON, or Oregon Fringe Festival. Charles Douglas will come next week to discuss opportunities for broadcast on RVTV -Rogue Valley Community Television.

Link to editing motion paths in Flash.
Link to using the Motion Editor in Flash.

For Tuesday, May10, rough out a short animatic. An animatic is the city-slicker cousin of the storyboard. Storyboards break a story down into the key shots needed to tell a narrative. An animatic is basically storyboards put into a video sequence with an audio track. Unless you have some specific reason for not doing so, make your work at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 fps. This is standard 1080p 'HD' tv format. All projects must include audio.
  • If you are working with character and story, take your character(s) and create a short animation with a complete action.
  • If you are working with motion design, create an abstract or type-based animation.
  • You can also work with any unholy hybrids you'd like - stopmotion, pixilation, 3D, etc. etc. No limits on your approach to the technical!
  • All animations should be 'finished' for public viewing - think beginning, middle, end, titles, credits, etc. Make sure you have clearance for all sound and you credit all collaborators appropriately.

    BONUS! Jennifer Harlow's undergraduate blog - lots of insight and animation resources!

    A nice example of clear visual storytelling of some crazy stories... Felix Colgrave... viz Zachary Pearson...