Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Project 1: 100 Frames, er, uh, I mean, "Revenant Rising"...

Day 1:
1. In class make a 100 frame animation.
2. Upload it to Vimeo.
3. Create a blog and post a link to your 100 frame video.
4. Due by Thursday, March 31.

Tech Notes!
  1. This exercise works better if you lower the frame rate to 12 fps. Do this from the menu:    Modify>Document... This is also where you can adjust the dimensions of your canvas.
  2. Handy shortcut for adding a blank keyframe: click on an empty frame or select a range of empty frames and hit F7. (That's the function key F7, not the letter F and the number 7!)
  3. To move the playhead back and forth on the timeline (it's the red bar/line that shows you which frame you are on in the timeline) use the comma and period keys. It's a hoot! I mistakenly say "arrow keys" on the video, because I'm an idiot...
  4. You can turn pressure sensitivity for your Wacom on an off by hitting the toolbar button that will look something like this:
  5. Export from Flash to Video: File>Export>Export Video... Experiment with turning the Convert video in Adobe Media Encoder button on and off. It's not too important for this first project, but down the line, you'll probably want to get savvy with the encoder options.
This video covers introduces some of the basics of getting started in Flash:

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