Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 3: Symbols & Tweens

Okay, hope you're all well and good. Here's a basic intro to Symbols in Flash.

Once you've gotten the hang of symbols, you're ready to do some Tweens. "Tweens" stands for "in-betweens" as in you, the human, sets the keyframes, while the computer interpolates the changes between the keyframes for you. The tweens we're doing will require that the drawing to be tweened is first converted into a symbol. Behold.

And for that extra magic touch... nested and instanced tweens!



Kyla Beans said...

I did comment on the first post, but here's the link to my blog again for this class: http://kylaanimation.blogspot.com/

Kris Larson said...

I totally forgot that the blog was a thing...!
I don't have a dedicated EMDA Animation blog YET, but here's a link to some of my animation examples that I've done previously: http://www.kaitheanimationguy.net/

Moriah Sukraw said...

The 100 frames and short animation are connected to this link:


The animation is also on Youtube:


Moriah Sukraw said...

Midterm: Buggy Motion