Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Animation Week 1: 100 frames

Due: Tuesday, October 20
1. Make a short animation.
  • 5 - 10 seconds long.
  • Include sound.
  • Any combination of frame by frame and tweenin' is fine.
  • Convert to video and post to youtube or vimeo
  • Both your writing and your video should be posted on your blog.

Here're the basics...

2. Write about your process of creating the animation. How did it develop? What changes did you make in the process? Discuss your use of the "iterative process."

3. Write about something you like and why you like it. It could be an object, an experience, a place, a person... What are the key emotional/subconscious processes you've noticed are essential to your like/love of this something? How does your something activate your physical senses... Try to go beyond the superficial/widely accepted reasons for liking something... What are the "wrong" reasons for liking your something? Misprision, baby... Dig until you start getting somewhere unique to you... Uh like William Blake did with Milton, y'know? Yes, post this writing on your blog.

File:Milton a Poem copy D 1818 Library of Congress object 1.jpg
William Blake, Milton, c1810, etching, watercolor.

Here are the films we watched in class:


Kyla Beans said...

I'm assuming you will need the links to our blogs, so here's mine. http://kylaanimation.blogspot.com/

JordenPrystine said...

here's my link! http://jordendc.blogspot.com/